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Ticket Purchase

You can purchase tickets and subscriptions for the WestfalenTarif in various ways, for example from the bus driver, at the customer centre, from ticket machines or on the Internet. No matter where you’re travelling from or to within the WestfalenTarif area, you’ll receive the right ticket for every connection.
Ticket purchasing made simple: when searching for the right ticket, simply state your starting point, destination and the desired connection at the customer centre or to the bus driver, at the ticket machine or online. Your ticket price is quickly determined in accordance with your chosen route. From a range of tickets, you can choose the right ticket for your needs – whether a single ticket or a subscription. The five sub-networks in the WestfalenTarif area also provide additional ticket offerings.
If you would like to order a subscription, you will also find on this page the nearest transport company for your online subscription order.