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Fare Area & Functioning

Start + destination = ticket: the WestfalenTarif is a standard ticket offering for Westphalia-Lippe. The WestfalenTarif combines the former five local public fare zones of the Münsterland, Ruhr-Lippe, Sechser, Hochstift and VGWS fare. The ticket price depends on the distance to be travelled. The price is calculated according to the starting point, the destination and the particular connection. Knowledge of the price category is not necessary when buying a ticket.

WestfalenTarif area

Proven Offers

The WestfalenTarif offers the right ticket for every journey so that you don’t miss out on anything – in the Münsterland, Ruhr-Lippe, Hochstift, Westfalen-Süd and TeutoOWL. Your individual offering remains unchanged for you locally in Westphalia-Lippe. For customer information and ticket issuance, the familiar agents are your contacts. Regional price differences are possible in the five areas. The WestfalenTarif with its standard prices applies for long-distance journeys beyond the previous fare area limits.

Advantages of the WestfalenTarif at a Glance

The WestfalenTarif is:

  • Transparent: standard ticket and tariff conditions
  • Fair: route-dependent prices and a wide range of ticket offerings
  • Convenient: tickets can be bought quickly and easily at numerous sale points
  • Attractive: internal fare boundaries no longer exist, and passengers travelling across former fare boundaries are offered a large number of attractive tickets.