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Persons with Reduced Mobility

People with disabilities are faced with special problems when travelling. But all transport companies also offer support to travellers with luggage or older people. The service staff assist passengers when boarding and exiting the carriage or provide information. Persons with reduced mobility should contact the transport company 24 hours before starting their journey and register in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the best possible assistance is provided.

Travelling with a wheelchair/pushchair

The transportation of passengers with a child in a pushchair or passengers in wheelchairs is ensured at all times where possible, with the final decision lying with the train crew. Passengers with prams/wheelchairs are given priority over cyclists.

Provisions for severely disabled persons

Holders of a severely disabled person’s ID card are entitled to free travel by bus and train in local transport. They must be in possession of a separately acquired token and special marker. Persons entitled under Social Security Statute Book IX, sections 145 ff are transported if they present a corresponding identity card bearing a valid token.

Only the combination of severely disabled person’s ID card, the supplementary sheet and token has the same function as a ticket and must be legally regarded as bearer papers within the meaning of section 807 BGB (German Civil Code). They must be presented at the start of the journey with assisted boarding and at ticket controls. The token is issued at the social security office either free of charge or on payment of 72 euros for one year or 36 euros for half a year, depending on the disability/marker.

For this group of persons, the transportation of hand luggage, a motorised wheelchair – depending on the suitability of this means of transportation and the train stations – as well as other orthopaedic aids and a guide dog is also free of charge.

If the severely disabled person’s ID card is marked with a “B” (for “Begleitperson”, or accompanying person), a second person may be taken along free of charge.

Free travel is granted in local transport throughout Germany. This applies to all bus and rail services. All 2nd class local transport (local trains, buses) can be used nationwide.