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Passenger Rights

In addition to the NRW mobility guarantee, which is a voluntary service provided by the NRW transport companies, passengers can receive further compensation for train delays, missed connections or cancelled trains. 

Since the European Regulation (EC) 1371/2007 came into force, the same passenger rights apply for rail transportation in Germany and Europe. They apply only in the event of disruptions and grant passengers equal rights with all railway companies. They cover all trains, ranging from so-called S-Bahn trains and regional trains to ICE trains; however underground trains, trams, buses or trolley buses are not covered because they do not classify as rail transport.

The basis for your claim is the ticket and the particular connection chosen. Precondition for a claim is that the cause of damage and effect of damage – for example a delay – occurred in the course of rail transportation.

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Local Transport Mediation Office
If passengers or transport companies are in dispute over an incident in the public transport sector (bus, underground, tram, railway) in North Rhine-Westphalia, they can turn to the Local Transport Mediation Office. This is an independent institution of the Schlichtungsstelle Nahverkehr e.V. (Local Transport Mediation Office). This association comprises the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Association, the Association of German Transport Companies as well as transport companies from North Rhine-Westphalia. Further information can be found at